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This where you can tell everyone about you and your pet(s) experience with my Pet Sittng Service.  I appreciate your business and your feedback whether good or indifferent. 

Quotes Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I actually considered not going on my trip because I couldn't figure out who I would trust enough to take care of the furry baby. With your excellent experience and knowing you to be a kind, loving, level-headed person of the utmost integrity, I had no problem leaving him in your hands. I'm super glad you were available! Of course I wasn't disappointed. He looked great, his "room" looked great, he was fat and happy. (The plants looked great too, by the way-thank you so much!) If anything, he was more spoiled than when I left him! I am confident his routine was carried out out thoroughly, (even without the excellent daily caretaker notations-extraordinarily nice touch) because he was happier than ever when we came back. He pulled none of his usual shenanigans like leaving little "presents" on my bedroom rug to voice his displeasure upon my return. I think you did a better job with his routine than I do sometimes! Thanks again, Janice H Quotes
Another satisfied family...

Quotes Thank You Chris for doing such a great job with our "girls" while we were on vacation. Your professionalism and care of our pets and house are outstanding! Sincere Thanks Mike, Melanie (and Milkshake & Salem) Quotes
Milkshake & Salem
Thank You for caring for us

Quotes Chris Thanks so much. I have never in 12 years had someone take care of koko as good as you did- it was such a relief and a treat to be able to go away and not worry about him. You turned around his picky eating even. My daughter called you a miracle worker! Will email you occasionally about your availabilities, just to give Koko some time with you when I run errands. Again, thank you so much. Quotes
Very Happy Customer,
KoKo's Mom, Janice

Quotes I was thrilled with Chris. She was very professioal and thourogh and to my surprise , my 3 scardy cats greeted her and follwed her...I usally cannot get them out from under the bed. It is wonderful to know that I can go out of town and not worry because I know Chris is taking great care of them! I would recomend her to everyone...Thanks again Chris. Quotes
Kathi Goll
"Crazy Cat Lady"

Quotes I was thrilled with chris services. She stepped in last minute and was very professional and my boxer loved her. She handled every detail and eased my mind knowing that my baby was getting top notch care. Would recommend to everyone and will use her again!! Thanks so much and I loved the puppy reports!!! Quotes
Happy momma

Quotes Hello, I just wanted to tell everyone how happy and pleased we were with Chris' Pet Sitting Service. Our little dog was very well taken care of while we where away. Doesn't even seem like he missed us much and he loves Chris. I would highly recommend her and her service. Happy & satisfied Client, The Loftis's and Mr. Elton John Quotes
Mrs. Loftis
We love our Pet Sitter