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                            Frequently Asked Questions                                      Call: 512-619-3044 or Email: tlcpetsitter2010@gmail.com


 Do you have pets of your own?  Yes, I have one cat (Louie P Martini) and 4 fish at this time, but I have had 4 other cats (Misty, Jill, Jack, and Sid) and 3 dogs (Snoopy, Lucky and EJ), and 3 Birds (an African Grey, named Grey Stoke and 2 parakeets, Mortisha and Gomez), oh and a few neon tetra fish, over the years.


 How much experience do you have with animals and their care? I have a total of 30 years experience in the Veterinary Field.  I have worked in Veterinary Clinics, a Veterinary Allergy Laboratory and a Veterinary Supply House. 


 Are you trained in CPR and/or First Aid for Animals? Yes, I am.   I was trained through Pet Techs.


 Do you require pets to be current on vaccinations, or have tags...?  Yes, I require to see records from your veterinarian.  Also any city tag and /or license requirements must be current and up to date.  See my Rules page for details.

  Do you accept credit cards as payment?  No.  I only accept exact cash and local checks.

 Do you belong to any Professional Pet Sitting organizations?

    I am a member of Pet Sitters International & Wishbones for Pets . 

 Can my pet(s) stay at your house?

 Unfortunately, no.  I simply don't have the space and proper setup to house pets in my home.


  Can you or will you do every other day visits for my pet?

  No.  Absolutely No Exceptions to this rule.   Too many things could go wrong in a 2 day time period (48 hrs).  Your pet could become ill and/or stop eating or drinking?  Or what if your pet gets stuck in precarious situation and can't escape? Any variety of things could happen.  I am not willing to take that risk with my furry friends or my clients .  The minimum visit I do, is a once daily.


Will you pet sit for cat(s) that live out side? 

No I will not.  I can not be liable for pets that have the free reign to roam out on their own.