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             Important Information & Articles for Pet Owners


Weather.com offers a new service called Personal Pet Cast to determine how pets will fare in the weather expected for the next few days. You type in your zip code and the size, age and hair length of your pet and hit "search." 

The Pet cast features include dog and cat comfort based on weather activity; pet-care guides with tips on pet nutrition, behavior and more; hourly flea and mosquito activity forecasts; and pet videos, photo galleries and pet-themed screen savers.     

Do pets get mushroom poisoning? The answer is yes.

Not all mushrooms are toxic but the ones that are can be very dangerous.

Poisonous mushrooms may be classified into four main categories based on the clinical signs they cause, or into seven categories on the basis of the toxins they contain. The onset of clinical signs may occur anywhere from minutes to hours following ingestion.

Learn more and see some photos of toxic mushrooms. Go to: Mushroom Poisoning. To be safe, please do not allow your pet to have exposure to any mushrooms.