*********** CHRIS' KISSES ****************

                                        Polices and Rules                                                 Call: 512-619-3044 or Email: tlcpetsitter2010@gmail.com


Please try to give me 5 -7 days notice when scheduling new pet visits. However, I do understand last minute emergencies do come up, so don't hesitate to call me and I will do my best to work you into my schedule if at all possible.

 During your meet and greet we'll discuss your pet(s) routine, services you require, key pick-up and fill out the necessary paper work. This meeting gives You, Your pet(s) and Me a chance to get acquainted. 

Please have 2 complete sets of keys made prior to our meet and greet and check to make sure they do in deed work. Only one set will be used during the visit while the other set stays safely in my home  as a backup.


Payment in full required at meet and greet, and must be made by exact cash or check. Please make checks payable to: Christine Boldovici

After that initial visit you will need to leave full payment on a counter where I will find it, for any additional scheduled visits. I do not bill anyone.


Returned Checks

There will be a $25.00 fee on returned checks and I will not accept checks from you there after.  Only exact cash.


Return Home Policy 

All pet owners are required to call and inform me when you return home from your trip.  If I do not hear from you, I will continue to make scheduled visits and you will be charged for theses visits (even if I arrive and find you are home.)  Please only call when you are actually at your home.  Accidents and emergencies can happen just a few miles from home.  Please call 512-619-3044 to let me know you are home safe and sound.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel services, I require 48 hours notice on scheduled visits. Please call  my number, (512) 619-3044, to cancel the visits. I will call you back to confirm the cancellation. If proper notice is not given the following charges will be incurred and must be paid before future services will be scheduled:

Reservation of 2 visits or more: $40.00 cancellation fee


One visit or Dog Walking: The cost of one visit or dog walking.


Last Minute Reservation Fee ( or change to a reservation)

less than 48 hours notice - additional $25 fee


Refunds / Credits

I do not offer refunds for canceled visits although I will offer credit for visits if  canceled with 48 hours or more notice.


Required Vaccinations: must see papers from your veterinarian for proof. No Exceptions!


Items needed and things I need will need to know:

-- Pet food and bowls (where kept and have extra in case you are delayed on returning)

-- Cat litter, scoop and bags, to clean box

--Leashes, harnesses, collars, tags....

--Medication, supplements or treats your pet may need or want to          make them comfortable

--Old towels ( for wiping messy paws in case of rainy weather)

--Paper towels

--Trash bags, for litter scooping and poop scooping

--Flash light ( in case of power outage )

-- Written note of any thing you feel I need to know, regarding your pet(s) or home.  (Ex: certain ways pet(s) may react, ways they don't like to be touched, if you have an Alarm system, do pet(s) have allergies or illnesses I need to be aware of ...)

--Your contact information 

-- Any names of person(s) other than myself who may be coming into your home

--Inform any friends or neighbors  who may be keeping watch on your home that I will be there.

Any supplies that I may have to purchase while you are away, will be charged to you, receipts will be made available, and paid for upon your return.  No additional visits will be scheduled until this paid for.